Welcome To QuExtreme Terror

Quex Park in association with Nail in the Coffin productions presents a QuExtreme Terror for the 2nd year running!

Within the eerie surroundings of Quex Park’s Forest Areas, Maize Field and Woodland Trails, we invite you to join us on a spine-chilling adventure like no other.

The team have built on the success of last year and constructed three thrilling scares: Harvest 2 – The Reaping, Contagion 2 – Sanctuary & Brand New for 2017- The Forest of Fools.

If you are looking for an action packed night, filled with fun & fear this Halloween… then look no further- join us for the ultimate Scare Park experience!!

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The QuExtreme Mazes for 2017

Harvest II – The Reaping

Those infamous scarecrow serial killers, The Raven Family are back again patrolling their cornfield. With all hallows eve fast approaching, there has been a increase in disappearances close to their land. Yet with the disappearances and reports of blood curdling screams from their property, the authorities can find nothing!  Is there any truth behind the folk law stories of the Raven family? Are you brave enough to trespass on their land to prove your bravery!

Contagion 2 – Sanctuary

Civilisation has descended into chaos, safety from the undead is paramount and the only Secure Zones are ruled by crazed gangs. However a rumour has been circulated by small groups of survivor that a government has reformed and is offering SANCTUARY to the living! Could the rumours really be true?  We have found you and your party transport to this secret and secure base. Is this nightmare finally be over? Sanctuary is within touching distant, what could possibly go wrong……..?

Forest of Fools

It’s a forest, it’s dark, it’s noisy…..and there’s a bucketload of Psychopath Clowns in there….What more do you need to know? Enjoy it whilst you can!!!!

QuExreme Terror FAQ’s

No, you are entering an entertainment event which is intended to scare you. Do not enter if you don’t want to be scared.
We have probably the best team of scare actors in the world! Our actors vary in age and size and they all know how to make jump!!
No, our trained and experienced actors will not touch. We also insist on the same curtesy. Anyone who is perceived as being aggressive to our team, then security will eject them.
Not usually. Guests enter the scares in groups of up to 8 at a time. If you are in a smaller group, then you may be put together with other guests.
This is not for sissys!
It’s not suitable for under 12’s. Under 16’s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.
Unfortunately, there are no early exits. Once you enter, your in till the END!!! (Mohahaha- Evil Laugh)
The reason for the strict “no entry after 8.30pm” is to ensure that everyone has enough time to experience all the scares. The earlier you arrive, the less likely you are to experience long queues.
We will be using strobe lighting, pyrotechnics and smoke in our scares.
Due to the nature of the scares, none can be accessed by wheelchair users.
If you have any concerns with a heart condition, then it would be advised not to attend any of the attractions.
Due to the nature of the scares, we would not recommend pregnant ladies should attend.
Due to the nature of the scares we don’t believe they are appropriate for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.

QuExreme Terror FAQ’s

No, filming and/or taking pictures in the scares is strictly prohibited.

We are setting back 50 tickets each night for people to buy on the gate and these will be sold on a first come first serve basis. However, we advise you pre book your tickets online to avoid disappointment.

No, using any of these devices is strictly prohibited. Anyone persistently breaking this rule will be asked to leave.
No, only food and drink purchased on site is permitted.

We have a selection of Burger Grill food, snacks, hot and cold drinks available to purchase onsite.

Yes, all the mazes are operated outside in fields and woodland so please bring suitable warm clothing. For safety reasons, no flip flops, sandles or heels are permitted in the mazes.
The entrance to this event is at the Maize Maze and access to that is via the main entrance of Quex Park on Park Lane.
We have ample FREE parking onsite.

We have THREE separate mazes that promise to TERRIFY the pants off you! They are; HARVEST II- THE REAPING, CONTAGION 2- SANCTUARY & THE FOREST OF FOOLS!

The times on each maze varies. Depending on your group size and how scared you are, they can last from 10 to 20 minutes.
Your admission includes one visit to each of the three mazes. However, we will be selling single additional maze passes on the night (subject to availability).

We do offer a “Wimp Pass” for £6.00. These are only available to purchase on the gate. The “Wimp Pass” will gain you access to the main arena where you can enjoy the atmosphere and/or buy food and drink.

We are setting back 50 tickets each night for people to buy on the gate. These will be sold on a first come first serve basis so make sure you arrive nice and early. To guarantee you get a ticket, we advise you pre book online.

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